Our candle range

We love to fill your own special glass or ceramic treasures, but if you would prefer to try some of our own glassware, these are some of our products:

Supporting Multiple Sclerosis Research

Beautiful candles supporting a great cause, 300mls with up to 60 hours burning time $25

Two kiss goodbye to MS candles and gift boxes

kiss goodbye to MS large candles


Ideal gift or simply supporting great work, approximately 100mls, $15

kiss goodbye to MS

kiss goodbye to MS


Turquoise Glass or Canister With Lid

300mls with up to 60 hours burning time $25 / 400mls with up to 80 hours burning time $40

Beautiful turquoise glassware

Turquoise Glass & Canister With Lid

Red With Gold Rims For Christmas

330mls with up to 65 hours burning time $25

Red And Gold Candle For Christmas

Red And Gold For Christmas